Auckland Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Parlour in Auckland

The Studio has been set up to meet the regulations outlined in the Tattooing Code of Practice by the Auckland Council.

These include maintaining a clean and hygienic environment with proper sterilisation processes, using single-use needles and disposable equipment and safe waste disposal practices.

Providing clear aftercare instructions to clients, and has the necessary permits and licences. Adhering to these regulations ensures the health and safety of both the tattoo artiss and clients in the studio.

Tattoo place in Auckland

The Studio has been set up as a dedicated space fit out for only tattooing with no shortcuts taken.

The Studio is a loft space in a rural setting, surrounded by windows and is close to nature. The Studio loft is located on architecturally designed property with a rich history, set amongst the vines of a former vineyard and once home to Matua Wines.

The atmosphere is tranquil and takes the anxiety out of the experience.

The studio offers private by appointment only sittings and is equipped with world class equipment. Once you pay the deposit you secure your appointment with Bernadette. Ink to contact page